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Re: debian-installer: Please update debconf PO translation for the package debian-installer

Hi Prabodh,
I think there is only one fuzzy string that needs to be translated in
this.  Can you please do the needful.  Thanks.
Vikram Vincent

2012/3/3 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> This is a very wide call for translation updates for Debian Installer
> sublevel 2. Some of you may have been pinged already and may even have
> answered. If so, sorry for this, but this call also targets past
> translators that were no longer mentioned in the PO files headers
> (most of the time as an obvious error).
> We are now a few months (if not weeks) before the planned freeze of
> Debian. It's time for me to shake the tree more and more strongly to
> get Installer translations in.
> For several of you, it's probably early in your opinion but, believe
> me, it takes a LOT of time to get 70 translations in.
> So, pretty please, take time to update (again, eventually) your
> translation. Attached is the "sublevel 2" file. Really important
> messages (those that are seen by most users in default installs). This
> file, as well as sublevel 1, is really to complete if you want to be
> sure that we keep or activate your language in Debian Installer.
> If you want to complete it, just complete the attached PO file and
> commit it back to D-I SVN for those of you who have commit access.
> Otherwise, please send it back to me. To avoid my spam filters, please
> user "christian+WHITELIST@perrier.eu.org" as mail address, preferrably
> (don't use the "+WHITELIST" trick with my Debian address, though).
> Please notice that you will get notices for sublevels 3 to 5, too.
> Sorry for nearly spamming you, but you know how crazy I can be about
> bringing the entire world to the heaven of Hundredpercentiness...:-)

Vikram Vincent
09969249984 (Mumbai)
09448810822 (Bangalore)

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