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Re: Request for resolving situation(kn_IN)

On 13/03/2008, Pramod R <pramodleo@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Just a few weeks ago the stats for Kannada showed 16% translated(anybody can verify this) and suddenly it jumped to 50%. Do you know how much work you forced us to duplicate?

It did not jump to 50% all of a sudden and you can track the commits here : http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/
and also refer to my mail (http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-i18n/2007-November/msg00078.html)  and (http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-i18n/2008-February/msg00390.html), where I had asked for an svn account for Shankar and later requested someone else to submit on our behalf as my svn account had been blocked.  Please refer to the second mail for the relevant bug number.  About the work that you had to duplicate, I did not receive any files that you had sent, to me or the list and the only time I heard you were working on gnome translations was when you asked for files to be submitted and requested for co-ordinatorship. That said, we can co-ordinate in merging the translations and getting them committed.

The above links prove nothing useful.  Anybody with an svn access can check when was the last major bulk commits made and how many commits where made last year and this year. 
I can give you a hint- see the last one month... sometime at the beginning of the first thread.
Vikram Vincent
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