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[MAJ] wml://consultants/hpe_germany.wml

Dear Italian translation team
Thanks for your work!

In the Debian website, the info about consultant services provided by
HPE Germany was updated:
* english/consultants/hp_germany.wml has been renamed to
* The text has been updated (not many changes, probably just one more

I renamed the italian/consultants/ file, but since the new English file
has only one commit, I have no way to set the Italian translation as

Could anybody review and update the text? As I said, I think it's a
matter of adding a sentence. I'm attaching both the (updated) English
and the (outdated) Italian file.

If nobody can, please notify (CC me, I'm not subscribed) and I can try
to send a translation (with help of automated translator) for review and
later commit myself.

Thanks again!

Kind regads
Laura Arjona Reina
#use wml::debian::consultant name="Hewlett Packard Enterprise"
# $Id$

HP Services Consulting&amp;Integration Germany Open Source project
group is focused on specification, development and implementation
of telco solutions based on Debian distributions. We are focused
on large projects starting at 200000 Euro.
Project experience:
<li>Telecom Open Message solution based on qmail / openldap /
    courier with voice mail integration</li>
<li>Highavailablility solution with Global Filesystem (GFS)</li>
<li>VPN solution for securing Open View management of telco
    ISDN/DSL access network</li>
<li>Efficient development/deployment approach based on Debian
    and bootcd package</li>
<li>Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA) Solution with active
#use wml::debian::consultant name="Hewlett Packard Enterprise"
#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="92d0e30056addf935daa4875eea214f4d8baa261" maintainer="skizzhg"

Il gruppo del progetto tedesco Open Source HP Services
Consulting&amp;Integration è focalizzato su specifiche, sviluppo e
implementazione di soluzioni telco basate su distribuzioni Debian.
Ci concentriamo su progetti di grosse dimensioni a partire da 200000
Esperienza di progetti:
<li>soluzioni Telecom Open Message basate su qmail / openldap /
    courier con integrazione di posta vocale;</li>
<li>soluzioni ad alta disponibilità con Global Filesystem (GFS);</li>
<li>soluzioni VPN per gestione Open View sicura di reti di accesso telco
<li>valido approccio di sviluppo e distribuzione basato su Debian e il
    pacchetto bootcd.</li>

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