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Italian translation of live-manual currently unmaintained


(I am not subscribed to this list, so please CC me, thanks)

My name is Carlos Zuferri and I contribute to the Debian Live project
http://live.debian.net/ mainly translating documentation. The Debian
Live team keeps the biggest part of their documentation in a debian
package named live-manual. (I link to the online stable version of the
document, since it can also be read online, apart from installing it
on your system "apt-get install live-manual" or "aptitude install
live-manual" http://live.debian.net/manual/stable/ )

The wheezy version of the package was published in Catalan, French,
Italian and Spanish (and English, of course). But now, the Italian
translation is currently unmaintained. The jessie version of
live-manual will be released in Catalan, French, Japanese, Polish,
Spanish and hopefully into Italian, as long as someone could find the
time and the energy to finish the job. That is why I'm addressing your

I know that you will all very likely be busy updating the translations
you usually work with and that translating manuals is not high
priority for releases, but it would be very nice to finish the Italian
translation because there is not too much work to do.

There are currently:

- 149 untranslated strings


- 132 fuzzy strings

Let me clarify that of the 149 untranslated strings, 107 belong to the
style guide. It is not absolutely necessary to translate it if you are
short of time. This leaves a total amount of untranslated strings of
only 42 strings Which basically means updating the translation of 4
.po files. (The 132 fuzzy strings are spread over several other .po
files, though)

>From my personal experience this could be done in a day or two
(depending on the available time). However, getting familiar with the
project's translation workflow might take a bit longer. That is why I
will try to explain the process as accurately as possible.

live-manual is developed using a git repository which is world
writable, so anyone can clone the repository, make changes and push
them to the debian-next branch.

If anyone is interested in taking the job, let me link to some places
of interest to learn how the work is organized (the following links
point to a more recent version of the manual):

1. About live-manual

2. About contributing to live-manual (Includes a short chapter on translation)

3. About contributing to the Debian Live project (includes how to
fetch the public commit key, how to clone the repository, how to
configure your openssh client and how to push to the repo.)

4. About the project's git repositories

5. The gitweb interface of the repository in case you want to take a sneak peek

Let me insist that the debian-next branch is the place where to look
at and where to push to:

6. And last but not least, some guidelines for translators (from the
style guide appendix)

I am aware that this is a lot of stuff to digest, so if you are in
doubt, do not hesitate to ask anything by mail or joining the irc
channel #debian-live on OFTC. The project's mailing list is at

Have a nice day and thank you very much for your attention.

p.s: On a personal note: I have limited internet access at work, so I
may take several hours to respond. Please be patient, and either me or
someone else will show up at any time.

Thanks again for your patience :)


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