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Re: [RFR] po-debconf://{xringd, sbox-dtc, z88dk, cardstories, cloop, perlindex, tunapie, kinput2, rlinetd, unclutter, mixmaster, openguides, libzorpll}/it.po

2013/6/10 Beatrice Torracca:

> #. Type: multiselect
> #. Description
> #: ../cardstories.templates:2001
> msgid ""
> "Please choose the web server that should be automatically configured to run "
> "cardstories. If the web server provides http://www.example.org/, cardstories "
> "can then be played at http://www.example.org/cardstories/.";
> msgstr ""
> "Scegliere il server web da configurare automaticamente per eseguire "
> "cardstories. Se il server web fornisce http://www.example.org/, cardstories "
> "può allora essere giocato su http://www.example.org/cardstories/.";

magari s/su/all'indirizzo/

ok, per tutto il resto

Daniele Forsi

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