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maint-guide (fr, zh: missing one string, it: needs 97, finished 703)

Hi David and Aron,

I appreciate your translation of maint-guide.

Both French and Chinese are missing one translation (799 of 800 strings).

Since I was working to update zh-cn and zh-tw now, I have not uploaded
yet.  Then I saw a posting by Raphael Hertzog:

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 02:07:50PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> And for you problem of dirty VCS, do you know of --unapply-patches
> option
> for dpkg-source? you can put it in debian/source/local-options, see
> dpkg-source(1) for explanations.

The same thing was the one I recently learned when I was working to make
xpdf package with NM on a same VCS.

So I added new short section. This is causing one untranslated text:

#. type: <p></p>
#: maint-guide.en.sgml:2492
msgid ""
"If you wish to build your package directly in a VCS that contains unpatched "
"upstream source and wish to keep the tree unpatched even after a package "
"build, you should create an optional <file>debian/source/local-options</"
"file> file in it and make it contain \"<tt>--unapply-patches</tt>\". This "
"file is not included in the generated source package and frees you from "
"running \"<tt>quilt pop -a</tt>\" before committing the unpatched upstream "
"source with the <file>debian/*</file> tree to a branch in the VCS (see "
"<manref section=\"1\" name=\"dpkg-source\">)."
msgstr ""

Can you proof this Englisg and get it translated this week? 
When I get these, I will upload new packages.

kalos@nerdrug.org and jacopo.reggiani@gmail.com

Italian translation is missing 97 strings. (incl. fuzzy) out of 800
strings.  This is due partly by me updating English but some were
missing originally.  Can someone finish these missing parts?


If you have some thoughts, let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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