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Re: debian-installer: some typos in the Italian menu

Hi Giovanni,

> 1) In the menu: "Menu principale dell'installatore Debian"
> 1.1) please:
> s/"Selezionare la lingua/Choose language"/"Selezionare la lingua"
> (However keeping the English phrase could be intentional: if someone 
> enters in the Italian menu for mistake, they are supposed to 
> understand English -at least- and leave 
> Italian menu choosing a different language)

You guess right: this has been done on purpose.

> 1.2)Would you  please translate ;)
> s/"Support for automatic installs"/"Supporto per installazioni
> automatiche"
> ;)

The only reference to this string seems to be in package description for
package «auto-install». I will investigate on how to translate it.

> 2) In the header:
> s/"Caricamento dei componeti"/"Caricamento dei componenti"
> typo: missing a "n" in compone-N-ti

I corrected this string about a week ago.

> 3) In the dialog window "Configurare il fuso orario" 
> can you translate
> s/"Europe/Rome"/"Europa/Roma" 
> or changing it does involve lot of changes in the main file?

This cannot be translated since actually it is a pathname
in /usr/share/zoneinfo/ .


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