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[Fwd: D-I Manual - Support for PO file translation added]

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Da: Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>
A: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org
Cc: debian-boot@lists.debian.org
Oggetto: D-I Manual - Support for PO file translation added
Data: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 18:37:10 +0100
After a little less then a week of testing with the Russian translation, 
support for PO files in the both official and daily build scripts seems 

This means that other languages already using PO files for translation 
(pt) are now welcome to commit their PO files to d-i's SVN repository.
Languages currently translating XML files are welcome to switch but are 
advised to contact me before doing so, so I can help with conversion.

Dennis Stampfer (seppy) has already done preliminary work to support 
translation stats for the manual, so these are expected to be available 
Davide Viti (zinosat) has done the same for spellchecking the manual.

1. Add the PO files: 'svn add ./po/<lang>/'
2. Delete the XML files: 'svn del ./<lang>/'

It is OK if you do 1. without doing 2. whilest working on a transition. If 
both PO files and XML files are present in SVN, the daily build scripts 
will ignore the PO files (and build from the XML files).
However, the period that both are present should be kept as short as 
possible and you are responsible yourself for keeping both versions in 

The POT files are updated automatically by my build scripts when a change 
is made to the English translation; at the same time your PO files will 
be updated. This means that normally you should not have to run the PO 
scripts in ./scripts manually.

If you do run the scripts manually, you should _not_ commit changes in POT 
files to SVN (e.g. because you want to run a test build, see below).
You can revert any changes in POT files by running './scripts/revert_pot'.

Before you can run the buildone.sh script, you will have to generate XML 
files from the PO files.
This is done by executing the following commands:
- ./scripts/merge_xml en
- ./scripts/update_pot
- ./scripts/update_po <lang>  (check for new fuzzies/untranslated!)
- ./scripts/create_xml <lang>
- ./scripts/revert_pot        (pot files are no longer needed)

Possibly not all commands are really needed (which depends on whether 
there were updates to English files after the last daily build), but with 
that series of commands you should always have good XML files.
The merge_xml and create_xml commands are the minimal that should be run.

- adjust filtering in daily built scripts so no errors are reported for
  languages using PO when there are none
- update translations_po.txt (the information above will be integrated in
  that document)
- add support for optional "extra" paragraphs for translations in certain
  places in the manual

Thanks to Nikolai, Dennis and Davide for their efforts in implementing PO 

Stefano Canepa <stefano.canepa@cristoforocolombo.net>
Cristoforo Colombo srl - Via Rio Torbido 40 - 16165 - Genova (GE)
Tel: 0108340344 - Fax: 0108349347  - Cell: 3480601640

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