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Dpkg translation updates

Italian and Korean are the last remaining formerly complete
translations of dpkg which still need an update (about 10
strings...thus around 10 minutes work.....no real need for review as
these strings are more or less a matter of s/gzip/bzip2).

Lele, Changwoo, can you take care of them ? I sent the files to you a
few days ago, but feel free to ask them again.

Lele, if you don't have time, please tell so that someone from the
Italian team may take over this work.

As soon as this is updated, I'll try to convince Scott that a new
upload is worth it..:-)

For Greek translators : this is time if you want to have a chance... I
know George and Kostas may be short of time as Greek is missing 400
strings...but I just wanted to mention this to you.


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