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[Fwd: Last Call for Translations for dpkg]

Chi se ne può occupare? Credo che il tutto vada aggiornato nel giro di
poche ore.

Lele, se lo puoi fare avvisaci, altrimenti magari qualcuno ha il tempo
di farlo oggi stesso.

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All translations already sent to the BTS, or commited to CVS are OK...
But, if any of you has some ready work, this is time....

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Subject: Last Call for Translations
From: Scott James Remnant <scott@netsplit.com>
To: Dpkg Development <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 10:33:47 +0100
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X-Mailing-List: <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.orgarchive/latest/9953

If you want your updated translations in sarge, this is a last call.
Repeat: translations for sarge now boarding at Gate 24.

Please co-ordinate them through Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>
and I will merge them from his archive.

Have you ever, ever felt like this?
Had strange things happen?  Are you going round the twist?

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