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Re: ddts vive!

Lorenzo Cappelletti <lorenzo.cappelletti@email.it>, Thu 03 Jun 2004 23:04 +0200:

> Ora provo a scrivere a grisu per chiedere lumi... vediamo se si può 
> usare o se è meglio aspettare che faccia qualche test.  Vi farò sapere.

Ed ecco qui pronta la risposta...

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 11:09:05PM +0200, Lorenzo Cappelletti wrote:
> we at DDTP-it noticed that messages from ddts are arriving.  We are
> wondering whether we can start using the system or we'd better wait.
> What is the email address the server responds to?

we wait for a dns reconfig. now you can use grisu-ddtp@gluck.debian.org
(after the reconfig pdes@ddtp.debian.org)

> Is it possible to have a few real mailing-list addresses where we can
> discuss DDTP-related stuff?

yes, after the dns reconfig..


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