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Concerns for some translations of Debian Installer

The following languages which have been, at one time or another,
complete in Debian Installer 1st stage
will probably NOT be complete in the beta4 release of Debian

99% nb
99% gl
96% it (tsl team CC'ed)
93% sl
92% bg
89% bs
87% es (tsl team CC'ed)
86% cy

This is probably because some lack of time for the translators to
complete their work during the string freeze, last week.

This is not critical as a beta5 is scheduled in about one month, but I
take this occasion for coming back to the given translators (or
translation teams), asking them for paying attention to complete their
Debian Installer translations.

Of course, if some of you have problems for following the rhythm
because of the amount of needed work, please tell me....I may try to
find you some help (no miracle, though....).

My highest concern is with Italian and Spanish for which I know there are
"strong" translation teams, so the lack of completeness may have
another reason (maybe the people I have chosen as contacts for these
languages are too busy or were away during this Easter holiday time in
most european countries).

sl, bg, bs, cy have only one translator, so this is probably a
manpower or schedule problem. As all 4 have been very active, I don't
have too big concerns for them.

nb will be handled by the magic Norwegians from Skolelinux, I'm pretty
sure of this....

and gl is so close to completeness that I'm sure Hector will make his
possible to reach 100% back very soon.


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