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Re: Concerns for some translations of Debian Installer

Il lun, 2004-04-26 alle 07:24, Christian Perrier ha scritto:
> My highest concern is with Italian and Spanish for which I know there are
> "strong" translation teams, so the lack of completeness may have
> another reason (maybe the people I have chosen as contacts for these
> languages are too busy or were away during this Easter holiday time in
> most european countries).

About italian, you are right. The team translated everything in time,
but one translator (all missing translations are from the same
transator, I think) was a little late and we had some changes proposed
when proofreading his translations.
So the translations are actually ready but I tough it was too late for
committing since the freeze was over. I am now waiting for the beta4
release before uploading that translations.

Do you think that we are still in time? May i commit every changes now?
If you reply Yes then we will join the 100%.


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