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Re: translations

On Monday 19 December 2011 20:27:39 Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Hello Vangelis,
> Thanks for your mail.
> There is definitely room for a more active Greek l10n
> team. Historically, the effort has been made by very few people, such
> as Konstantinos Margaritis (markos@debian.org), George Papamichelakis,
> etc.
> As of now, the effort is pretty much stalled, except occasional
> updates by Emmanuel Galatoulas (galaxico) for Debian
> Installer. Emmanuel succeeds in keeping up with D-I and related
> translations but, unless I'm missing something, that's nearly all.
> I think the good place could be gathering people in the existing
> debian-l10n-greek@lists.debian.org. The, things are more or less up to
> you folks. We don't really "nominate" "leaders" : they take the lead
> themselves by doing the work, coordinating it, spreading out the work
> in local groups, etc.
> I suggest you to do this, try spotting what taks could be started (or
> completed) or try to coordinate with people about reviving the Greek
> Localization effort.
> That would be a very good start.
> (this mail is CC'ed to debian-l10n-greek. Hopefully, someone is still
> listening there..:-))

Hehe, of course we are listening :)

Vangelis, Christian is right, do not ask for permission to do something, 
instead just ask to avoid duplication of work -in this case, I find the 
chances of that pretty slim. Also, one of the topics that *might* raise some 
brows is changing a term used in the translations that does not fit you. If 
you decide to do that, please be prepared that some people might not like that 
-esp after many years of practical use. In the past (2003?2004?) there were 
many many discussions about translating tech terms in various greek lists, and 
finally after many months, we pretty much settled somewhere. That's the only 
real advice I can give you, oh and try to keep up with Christian, he's a fast 
moving target :)

Joking aside, I would really really love to resume even partial translations 
some time, but atm, all my time is spent on the debian armhf port and ARM 
stuff in general. I assume things will be much easier after the port inclusion 
to main has been completed -we're at 75% but have some big showstoppers like 
webkit ftbfs, which really make it hard to rejoice :-/

Anyway, glad to read Christian's words again in this list. Hope to see again 
soon old friend! :)

Best regards


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