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Re: translations

Quoting vangelis (vangelis@gnugr.org):
> hi folks,
> My name is vangelis mouhtsis, gnugr on irc.oftc.net and about time a
> go i tried to connect with papamichelakis who is/was leader for
> debian greek translations. Well, i got no answer from him/them and
> as far i saw greek translations are way behind. Also i would like to
> mention that debian community in Greece is growing up fast but on
> main debian site there is not enough parts/links been translated.
> I'm getting notes and emails for complains, say, why we can't read
> in greek debian-reference or debian users guide or anything else
> usefull. So, i would like to be debian official translator, i.e. i'm
> member of http://greeglug.gr, and i already have a smole team for
> translations. Also i posted our wish to have here in Greece
> debconf13 (i.e. i'm countig your support). Please i'm waiting for
> your answer soon.

Hello Vangelis,

Thanks for your mail.

There is definitely room for a more active Greek l10n
team. Historically, the effort has been made by very few people, such
as Konstantinos Margaritis (markos@debian.org), George Papamichelakis,

As of now, the effort is pretty much stalled, except occasional
updates by Emmanuel Galatoulas (galaxico) for Debian
Installer. Emmanuel succeeds in keeping up with D-I and related
translations but, unless I'm missing something, that's nearly all.

I think the good place could be gathering people in the existing
debian-l10n-greek@lists.debian.org. The, things are more or less up to
you folks. We don't really "nominate" "leaders" : they take the lead
themselves by doing the work, coordinating it, spreading out the work
in local groups, etc.

I suggest you to do this, try spotting what taks could be started (or
completed) or try to coordinate with people about reviving the Greek
Localization effort.

That would be a very good start.

(this mail is CC'ed to debian-l10n-greek. Hopefully, someone is still
listening there..:-))

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