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Re: APT translations in Greek (also other Greek translations)

> Hello Christian,
> On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 01:33:39PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote
> [edited]:
>> Quoting Serafeim Zanikolas (serzan@hellug.gr):
>> > Just a missing space from el.po (see attached patch).
>> Thanks, Serafeim. I'll commit that ASAP.
>> While I'm at it, the APT translation for Greek has the following
>> stats:
>> 495 translated messages, 34 fuzzy translations, 9 untranslated messages
>> Kostas was listed as translator but he unfortunately stepped out from
>> most of his Debian activities. Would someone want to take this over ?
>> I'm also worrying about the Greek translation for Debian Installer.
> I'm aware of the issue but, even though I'm committed to Debian, it is not
> the
> kind of work I'm interested in.
> Nevertheless, I'm sending over another patch that deals with the fuzzy and
> untraslated messages in APT (cc'ing the greek list in case anybody would
> review the changes).
> BTW how can I find out the outstanding greek translation work for the
> installer? Is there a virtual package? (the package debian-installer seems
> to
> only have documentation). Also, what do the levels represent in the
> translation status page at alioth?
> Thanks,
> Serafeim

Hi Serafim

Well there is no need to be worrying. Although we have been a bit behind,
the situation is not that bad. As it is shown in the following link
(http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/) we are at a 95% of the translation
for the D-I manual/installation Guide and the statistics are not bad
either for the sublevels 1-5 (with the exception perhaps of sublevel 3).

With some extra help we are going definitely to make it on time for Lenny!
The mailing list for the Greek localization is
debian-l10n-greek@lists.debian.org and despite its low traffic over the
last period remains the most effective channel for communicating any

best regards

Emmanuel Galatoulas

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