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d-i translation (was: Re: APT translations in Greek ...)

Γεια σου Μανώλη!

On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 09:16:30PM +0300, galas@tee.gr wrote:
> Hi Serafim
> Well there is no need to be worrying. Although we have been a bit behind,
> the situation is not that bad. As it is shown in the following link
> (http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/) we are at a 95% of the translation
> for the D-I manual/installation Guide and the statistics are not bad
> either for the sublevels 1-5 (with the exception perhaps of sublevel 3).
> With some extra help we are going definitely to make it on time for Lenny!
> The mailing list for the Greek localization is
> debian-l10n-greek@lists.debian.org and despite its low traffic over the
> last period remains the most effective channel for communicating any
> relevant
> interest.

Όντως κατέβασα τα po κ είδα ότι είναι μόνο γύρω στα 200 μηνύματα fuzzy ή
αμετάφραστα. Όπως έγραψα κ νωρίτερα προτιμώ να συνεισφέρω με άλλου είδους
εργασίες στο debian, αλλά _αν χρειαστεί_ διατίθεμαι να αναλάβω 1-2 από τα po
του d-i. Just let me know.


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