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timing couldnt be better to build a position

vvill This SmallCap Shine?
timing couldnt be better to build a position
Squawk Box Equity

dont be too laten Apparel Manufacturing Associates, Inc. Diamond Equities
Symbol OTC : APPM
Current Price : $0.06

SmallCap Review

Huge news expected out on APPM, get in before the wire, We're taking it all the way to $1.00

dont wait to make a move
Watch it like a hawk and get in before the rush

Wall Street News

About the Company
We are a multifaceted management/development company concentrating on the world of Fashion and Music.
Our affiliates and partners offer 4 decades of experience
and recognized success in their respective fields.
With offices in New York City, Miami and Zurich, we are
in touch with the pulse of the "fashion forward".

Small-Cap Sheet
time to buld a position
Touchdown Equity Report

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