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McCarthy-Henley Asset Management
Atten: All Concerned,
                  URGENT JOB OFFER
McCarthy-Henley Asset Management is pleased to 
advertise the following Job opportunities for 
various expertraites in offshore and onshore 
environment on behalf of two major Oil companies in 
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Calgary, Canada. 
As two of the world's biggest multinationals Oil and 
Gas Companies with headquarters in the Abu 
Dhabi,United Arab Emirate and Calgary Canada 
respectively, our clients are looking forward to  
expanding their operational network worldwide. 
The employment into these two separate companies 
process will be divided into three categories, 
(i) Short listing prospective candidates, 
(ii)Verifying submitted documents/certificates, 
(iii)Interview and offer of provisional employment   
pending receipt of due-diligence clearance on    
each successful candidate.
 The Job opportunities require highly skilled 
 individuals with reasonable experience and 
 competence to work in Oil and Gas installations as 

well as facilities in:
* Offshore Brazil
* North Sea
* Canada and USA.
* Oman South Africa
* South Africa
* And facilities world wide. 
* Abu Dhabi 
.Power generation/Boiler and Steam Engineer(REF    
 HVAC 10)
.Environmental Science Management (REF EV22)
.Security Administration (REF S66)
.Medical and Biological Sciences (M5000)
.Security Administration (REF S56)
.Civil Design/ Planning Engineering (REF: 120)
.Civil Design Coordination, Technical and material
 control. (REF:122) 
.Mechanical Design (REF: 131)
.Mechanical Engineer (REF: 130)
.Electrical Engineer (REF: 134)
.Material Engineer (REF: 136)
.Safety/Maintenance Engineer (REF:138)
.Chemical Engineer (REF: 100)
.Water Engineer (REF: 150)
.Welder;Offshore Welding (REF: 160)
.Driller;Offshore Drilling/Onshore duties(REF:162)
.Geo physist and Petro physist (REF 151)
.Geo computer ( REF 152)
.Telecommunication (REF 153)
.Information Technology (157)
.Quality Analyst(REF 156)
.Computer Engineer; Software and Hardware/Computer
.supporting System (REF: 140)
.Business Administration /Accounting and Management
.Planning (REF: 148)
.Secretary (REF: 159)
.Marketing Officer (REF:160)
.And other related disciplines. 
(A)£50,000.00 - £100,000.00 British Pounds     
    Starlings (quarterly) negotiable
(B)Competitive allowances and compensation package
as obtainable in the upstream Oil and Gas Sector 

(C)All contracts are meant to last for a Span of 18 months (11/2 
years), and liable to upward review on a quarterly basis.
Send Resume/Detailed Curriculum Vitae, telephone 
number via email attachment. The relevant reference 
number should be stated on left - hand corner of any 
mails being sent in relation to these Job offers.
We shall enter into correspondence only with short 
listed persons or expatriates.
Yours Faithfully
Ray Anderson.

NB:Applicants are required to state which of the two 
companies their applications are directed to.

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