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Re: Use fonty-rg and LatCyrGr-16 for Linux console and Greek installs?

On Κυριακή 20 Νοέμβριος 2005 14:04, Christian Perrier wrote:
> In #338192, I report a longstanding problem: in Greek installs, the
> dialog boxes in 2nd stage are missing line drawing characters.

> Greek users, do you have objections to this? This would mean that
> LatCyrGr-16 would then replace iso07.f16 as console font for Greek
> installs.

I just tested the font in this package and I can verify that it works 
as said. Though I'd have to say that it doesn't really look as well 
designed as iso07.f16, and perhaps it would be better to just put the 
missing line characters into this one. I think I prefer to do this 
and keep the better designed iso07.f16. I'll ask around on a tool to 
edit psf fonts. For now, I would recommend a little patience, as I'm 
totally overwhelmed this period -and it shows, I haven't done any 
serious translation for a while- but I'll definate do this before the 
end of the month. Promise. :-)


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