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Use fonty-rg and LatCyrGr-16 for Linux console and Greek installs?

In #338192, I report a longstanding problem: in Greek installs, the
dialog boxes in 2nd stage are missing line drawing characters.

As Eugenyi explained, this is because the iso07.f16 font we use does
not include such characters.

After a lot of searches, I found that no font from console-data seems
suitable for being used for Greek AND have line-drawing characters.

However, the nice fonty-rg package include a LatCyrGr-16 console font
which seems really appropriate. The few tests I made show it would
nicely fit Greek installs.

This would require a special entry for localechooser to install this
package in Greek installs and some changes to localechooser's
prebaseconfig script so that the console font is set to it.

Greek users, do you have objections to this? This would mean that
LatCyrGr-16 would then replace iso07.f16 as console font for Greek

Please keep both addresses CC'ed to answers.


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