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Re: [Ossm-members] Re: Two Macedonias

On Τρι 28 Σεπ 2004 11:05, Игор Петрески wrote:
> Yes this is very true, but I don't recall thata Republic of
> Macedonia have such agreement with any other country, company,
> distribution, esspecially not with things related with Debian. Even
> M$ agrred to change these settings. By the way, when we were joinig
> UN, there was only ONE vote against our name (from Greece) nad all
> other countries accepted our name Republic of Macedonia. Agreement
> with Greece is internal mater, and I don't see how it can influence
> on this topic. 

Because there was only one country that was interested. That's a 

> Do I have to mention that we gave to the world 
> Cyrilc Alphabet?

I thought you were actually in favour of a serious discussion. But 
apparently you are in the mood for joking... Oh, you were serious?
Well, apparently you must not have been the favourite pupic of your 
History teacher. Seriously, this is not a discussion about facts, the 
facts are there in all History books for any one to read. Please read 
them, if you must but please don't say such inaccuracies. We're here 
to actually find a solution -if this is possible, and I like to think 
it is- and not throw flames at each other. Flames only make it works 
for the side that initiates them, and this applies to all interested 
parties, Greeks or otherwise.

Please, let's have *discussion* not flames!


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