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Re: Tux Paint German

I already worked on the german translation for program, and I contacted the mailinglist on sourceforge, but my mail was blocked and waiting for check by moderator.

It would be good if that mail can make it on the list, since there are some questions in it to be answered.
(I don't have that mail here ATM, sorry)


Am Sat Jun 07 2014 14:01:24 GMT+0200 (CEST) schrieb Joe Dalton:
> The latest German translators email is inactive (the latest commit was in 2010), so I have taken the liberty of contacting this group, in hope of finding a new German translator.
> Fra: 
>     "Joe Dalton" <joedalton2@yahoo.dk>
> Til: 
>     stephanieschilling@online.de
> Cc: 
>     lueck@hube-lueck.de kde-i18n-de@kde.org
> Hi Stephanie Schilling,
> You have previously helped Tux Paint with a translation for German (de). Tux Paint is preparing a new version and strings has changed/been added to the program and we hope we can use your skills once more.

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