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Re: [TAF] po://manpages-de/mandb.8

[I am not able to write Deutsch, entchuldigen Sie mich]

On 2010/8/22 Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
> PO4A-HEADER:mode=after;position=^.TH;beginboundary=FakePo4aBoundary
> Deutsche Übersetzung dieser Handbuchseite von


The man-db package already ships a German translation, there will be a
conflict with your translation.

BTW I just noticed that your PO files contain lines like
   # type: Plain text
which means that you used po4a < 0.36 to convert manpages.  This has
been fixed in 0.36, PO files now contain
   #. type: Plain text
because these comments are automatically extracted.  This means that
if you merge a PO file with a POT file generated by po4a >= 0.36, your
PO file will contain both lines.
That's not a big deal, you can use sed or grep to remove the former
line, so you can continue with your po4a if you want.  But IMHO you
should try to upgrade to a recent version, from time to time we find
and fix problems when translating manual pages into French.


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