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Re: Targeting 100% with l10n NMUs

Quoting Helge Kreutzmann (debian@helgefjell.de):

> mysql-dfsg-5.0         #478672  in progress

Yep. German maintainer..:-). This is a bg and important package. I'd
very much prefer *not* NMU'ing it but I will if needed

> udev                   #456269  looks stalled

Marco d'Itri...:-)...I pinged him twice and I know he will do
something...at his own pace...Marco doesn't welcome NMU's and I don't
want to be too nasty with such maintainers....

> postfix                #483648  pending (for about a week)

LaMont is reliable wrt this. The upload will happen

> distcc                 #478298  in progress

Yep. 3 days left for Intent to NMU, then 7 days for call for updates

> ipvsadm                #485451  just reported :-))


> multipath-tools        #482845  pending (for about a week)

I didn't send an NMU intent....still

> torrentflux            #483041  ????


> aegis                  #479251  NMU imminent (?)

I repinged the maintainer yesterday. Waiting for an upload

> dtc                    #479302  in progress

4 days left for intent, then 7 days for call for translations

> boxbackup              #477719  ???

uploaded 2 days ago to DELAYED....will reach unstable today

> isight-firmware-tools  #483525  ??? 

Nothing started yet

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