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Re: Bug#472084: wvdial: German translation of debconf messages

Quoting Johannes Starosta (feedback-an-johannes@arcor.de):
> Package: wvdial
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: l10n patch
> Hi,
> the attached file contains the debconf translation for wvdial. Please
> copy it to debian/de.po.

wvdial had a problem. The maintainer inadvertently removed ALL PO
files in the last upload. See #457671. I plan a NMU to fix that
problem and bring translations back (and add a few ones that came in
the meantime)

So, there was a german translation, by you, actually, Johannes.

See the two attached files:
-de.po is what you just sent
-de2.po is the old file

As you'll see, there are differences. Could you sort them out and send
the result back to 472084@bugs.debian.org?

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