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Re: (forw) Re: Consistency in "doing foo..." strings

On Sunday 09 March 2008 12:22:18 Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Frederik Schwarzer wrote:
> > On Sunday 09 March 2008 11:09:54 Christian Perrier wrote:
> >> Apart from Daniel's comment about German translations that "often
> >> suck", which I find pretty offensive for your work, guys (and probably
> >> untrue...this is typical geek comment about computers that can only be
> >> used in English), I think he could have a point about ellipsis in D-I
> >> translations.
> [ thanks for implying things i've not said. i said German translations
> of computer related issues in general suck. that's not insulting
> debian-l10n specifically. ]

He als only said that you said "German translations". ;)
And he said that he finds it offensive.

In general. such reports are better served factually.

> all other cases, and specifically as examples: when the points are
> expressing continuity (like 'Configuring the keyboard...' et al), then
> there is no space.
> but as we are only talking about non-placeholders here, but points of
> continuity or enumeration, like 'Configuring the keyboard...' or '1, 2,
> 3...', this is clearly wrong and undebatable to have a space here.

Do you have a source for that?
I do not know thet there is another case for that.
In my opinion in "1, 2, 3 ..." the ellipsis replaces "etc." ("usw." in german) 
and thus there is a space.
For the other case, "Configuring the keyboard ...", implicitly there is 
the "please wait" or the upcoming next instructions left out for the time 

These are only my thoughts about it because I never found regulations that 
explicitly mention these cases.


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