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Re: (forw) Re: Consistency in "doing foo..." strings

Frederik Schwarzer wrote:
> On Sunday 09 March 2008 11:09:54 Christian Perrier wrote:
>> Apart from Daniel's comment about German translations that "often
>> suck", which I find pretty offensive for your work, guys (and probably
>> untrue...this is typical geek comment about computers that can only be
>> used in English), I think he could have a point about ellipsis in D-I
>> translations.

[ thanks for implying things i've not said. i said German translations
of computer related issues in general suck. that's not insulting
debian-l10n specifically. ]

> Actually it's neither nor ... and both. If the ellipsis stands for a part of a 
> word like in "son of a b..." (which would be "baker", I guess :)), it's 
> without a space.
> But if it stands for a whole word or several words, there must be a space, 
> like in "Once upon a time ...".

as you (almost) said: if and only if the points are a replacement for a
specific word, or designate the end-letters of a specific word, then the
normal flow of spaces is not touched:

You are an asshole -> You are an a...

You are so stupid and an asshole too. -> You are so ... and an ... too.

all other cases, and specifically as examples: when the points are
expressing continuity (like 'Configuring the keyboard...' et al), then
there is no space.

but as we are only talking about non-placeholders here, but points of
continuity or enumeration, like 'Configuring the keyboard...' or '1, 2,
3...', this is clearly wrong and undebatable to have a space here.

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