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Re: Catching packages with long-standing l10n bugs


Folgendes von debian-i18n interessiert euch bestimmt auch:

On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 08:19:20PM +0200, Thomas Huriaux wrote:
> Hi,
> During the Extremadura meeting, we decided to launch an NMU campaign for
> l10n bugs. The first step of such a campaign is to detect which packages
> have long-standing l10n bugs. I've written a "dl10n-nmu" script, available
> in the debian-l10n project CVS on alioth [1], which scores packages
> according to the number and the age of l10n bugs.
> The results (daily updated) are available at
>   http://haydn.debian.org/~thuriaux-guest/l10n-nmu/nmu_bypackage.html
>   http://haydn.debian.org/~thuriaux-guest/l10n-nmu/nmu_maintainer.html
> This script detects all l10n bugs filled against a package, tries to detect
> those concerning po-debconf (which is our main target for NMU), and
> scores them according to the following rule:
>   score = sum ( age_of_the_bug )
> For example, if the package foo has the following bugs:
> 1 [INTL:nl] Dutch debconf templates translation
>      filled 8 weeks ago
> 2 [INTL:pt_BR] debconf translation update
>      filled 15 weeks ago
> 3 Problem with the display in an UTF-8 environment
>      filled 32 weeks ago
> 1 will score 8, 2 will score 15 and 3 will score 0 as it is not a
> po-debconf related bug. The total score will therefore be 23.
> There are many false-positives and false-negatives, as this ranking is
> based on the subject field, which is actually not very standardized. It
> could be good if every translation team coordinator retitles the bugs
> according to a common template. We use for French:
>   <package>: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation
>     if there is no debian/po/fr.po file in the package, and
>   <package>: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update
>     otherwise.
> For program translation, replace "debconf templates" by "program", and for
> manpages, by "manpages".
> As you can see on the pages, there are packages "not using debconf" and
> packages "not in unstable". Unless someone volunteers to clear these
> bugs, I will take care of them.
> Note also that it is only a ranking, packages with a low score shouldn't
> be dealt with.
> Suggestions, comments and patches are obviously welcomed.
> [1] http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-l10n
> -- 
> Thomas Huriaux

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