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Re: Fwd: Re: update of Debian consultants web page

Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de> (20/06/2005):
> I saw this too late (thanks toddy), right now I try to get the
> consultants into german as much as possible (I guess I already
> increased the number of translated ones by a factor of 4 or so). Since you
> requested a translation, may I ask if this is the general case?

Yes, we are trying to get all the files in consultants to have the
original in English (I would say each l10n team has to try to get
translated all the consultants in the country where its language is
spoken, but of course, we can't force people to translate :-)).

> The reason I ask is that some english texts are barly understandable.
> I am not a native english speaker, but there are completely wrong
> english phrases out there.

These texts are mainly a copy/paste from the text sent by the consultant
(only a few send it in their native language). I check it globally, but
of course, as I'm not a native speaker, I miss a lot of things.

> So far, I only updated the english text if I saw clear errors
> (e.g. experiense vs. experience).

Indeed, thanks for your work, don't hesitate to do it. I just have one
request: can you please bump the translation version of the other
translations when you do so? Most of the translators just ignore these
typos in the English file when they translate it, so there is nothing to
update when you fix a typo in the original.

> Would it be possible that some native speaker proof-reads the
> translations, since they form the basis for futher translations?

As always, it would be better, but I don't think there is any active
native speaker in the Debian consultants team. So it's a lot of work
if we have to ask the debian-l10n-english team to proofread the files
(but it may be a good item to add on my todolist :-)).

> Also, while on topic (sorry for l10n-german), is there some kind of
> quality control in the consultants? I've seen prices in DM (a currency
> out ouf use for several years now), and, e.g., the entry of Bruce Perens
> is completely out of date (even the referenced home page is 404).

Yes, there is a current global update of the database. It's nearly half
done, and indeed, Bruce Perens and Markus Braash (I assume you were
thinking about him when speaking of DM, but this situation is the same
for every country of the euroland) were both pinged a few days ago, but
no answer at this time.

> P.S. Also some kind of style guide (<pre> or <p>, for example) would
>      IMHO be sensible. If there is a consensus on one or the other, I
>      can run through them and update the english ones, if you like.

I don't know if there is any consensus on this subject (I'm a member of
the team for 2 weeks :-)), but it may be a good thing to do after
the full update (don't do anything at this time, as some consultants may
be removed. You would waste your time).


Thomas Huriaux

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