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Re: Fwd: Re: update of Debian consultants web page

I saw this too late (thanks toddy), right now I try to get the
consultants into german as much as possible (I guess I already
increased the number of translated ones by a factor of 4 or so). Since you
requested a translation, may I ask if this is the general case?

The reason I ask is that some english texts are barly understandable.
I am not a native english speaker, but there are completely wrong
english phrases out there. So far, I only updated the english text if
I saw clear errors (e.g. experiense vs. experience). Would it be
possible that some native speaker proof-reads the translations, since
they form the basis for futher translations?

Also, while on topic (sorry for l10n-german), is there some kind of
quality control in the consultants? I've seen prices in DM (a currency
out ouf use for several years now), and, e.g., the entry of Bruce Perens
is completely out of date (even the referenced home page is 404).



P.S. Also some kind of style guide (<pre> or <p>, for example) would
     IMHO be sensible. If there is a consensus on one or the other, I
     can run through them and update the english ones, if you like.
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