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Re: italian translation of the Sarge Installation Manual

Quoting Helmut Wollmersdorfer (helmut.wollmersdorfer@gmx.at):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> >Quoting Ottavio Campana (ottavio@campana.vi.it):
> >>I've done it, but I haven't found out how to join the debian installer
> >>project. I've sent an email to Joey Hess to join the project. Is
> >>there something more to do?
> >As I wrote, just give me your alioth username....as I can also
> >validate you for commit access to d-i...:)
> Please tell me the URL of current Installation Manual CVS - I did not 
> find it.
> I want to proofread and review the en and de version.
> Commit access would not be even nice, but I will better send the first 
> bunch of patches per mail to agree with the authors.
> Here is my alioth username: wollmers-guest

You should get in touch with Frans Pop, as far as English proofreading
is involved. The poor man is becoming the "de facto" manual and manual
translations coordinator....

About German translations, you should get in touch with the German
l10n team (if not already done) and coordinate with them (see mailing
list address in CC).

Of course, apologies if all this was already be done and you just need
commit access...:)

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