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Re: Hilfe bei Übersetzung von xfonts-kaname (japanische Schriften)


On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 10:02:28PM +0200, Holger Wansing wrote:
> hier ist mal die description von xfonts-kaname:
> Description: Kaname Cho 12 dot Japanese Kanji, Latin 1 fonts for X11
>  This package includes Kaname Cho 12dot Japanese Kanji, ISO-8859-1 fonts
>  for the X Window System.  Its face has characteristic, and it is similar
>  to Gothic.  It provides 4 weigh: Medium, Bold, Italic and Bold-Italic.
>  It also provides 2 spc: -p- and -c- for Japanese fonts.
> Mein Problem liegt im letzten Satz, ich habe keinen Schimmer, was der
> aussagen soll. Habe schon den Maintainer des Pakets angeschrieben,
> aber da kommt nichts.

Es handelt sich um das »Spacing« gemäß den »X Logical Font Description

| "P"
| Proportional
| A font whose logical character widths vary for each glyph. Note that
| no other restrictions are placed on the metrics of a proportional
| font.
| "M"
| Monospaced
| A font whose logical character widths are constant (that is, every
| glyph in the font has the same logical width). No other restrictions
| are placed on the metrics of a monospaced font.
| "C"
| CharCell
| A monospaced font that follows the standard typewriter character cell
| model (that is, the glyphs of the font can be modeled by X clients as
| "boxes" of the same width and height that are imaged side-by-side to
| form text strings or top-to-bottom to form text lines. By definition,
| all glyphs have the same logical character width, and no glyphs have
| "ink" outside of the character cell. There is no kerning (that is,
| on a per character basis with positive metrics: 0 <= left-bearing <=
| right-bearing <= width; with negative metrics: width <= left-bearing <=
| right-bearing <= zero). Also, the vertical extents of the font do not
| exceed the vertical spacing (that is, on a per character basis: ascent
| <= font-ascent and descent <= font-descent). The cell height = font-
| descent + font-ascent, and the width = AVERAGE_WIDTH.

Vergleiche auch per »xfontsel«.

Das wird in der (japanischen) »readme«-Datei angedeutet... :)


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