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Re: More info about #228486 / #235759

Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> >    - The usual de-latin1-nodeadkeys keyboard layout hasn't even a
> >      definition for quillemots, it can only be typed in via
> >      AltGr+<Codepoint>. The X11 keyboard has a common definition for
> >      all latin charsets (M-y, M-x), but this isn't marked on the
> >      keyboard, so most people don't know how to type guillemots (and
> >      they don't have to).
> Well, to be honest, for many people using the quote signs is not a
> daily task, if they need, they use a Type Setting Environment (e.g.,
> LaTeX, OpenOffice.org etc.) which brings in its own facility for
> typsetting those characters.

The point is, if people without knowledge of typography need a quote
sign, they'll most likely choose german quotes in handwriting, and the
most similiar to that on the computer. Which are the english quotes.
Which means we follow the least surprise principle for those people
when we use english quotes for output as well.


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