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gnupg2: Please update the PO translation for the package gnupg2


Jacobo Tarrio <jtarrio@trasno.net> and Galician
<gpul-traduccion@ceu.fi.udc.es> e-mail addresses are dead, so
anyone is free to update this translation for gnupg2

The English template has been changed, and now some messages
are marked "fuzzy" in your translation or are missing.
I would be grateful if you could take the time and update it.
Please send the updated file to me, to gnupg-i18n@gnupg.org, or
submit it as a wishlist Debian bug against gnupg (I’ll take care
of doing the gateway between upstream and Debian, especially if
you’re not used to one of both of the usual workflow).

Do not hesitate to confirm (to me) that you’re working on the file.

The deadline for receiving the updated translation is
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:44:51 -0400.
That’s short, but we’re in freeze, sorry about it (do not hesitate
to provide a partial update in time, and a complete one latter, to
make sure some improvement will be included in Debian, and all of
them upstream when ready).

Thanks in advance, regards.


P.-S.: Other calls will follow for libgpg-error, and the latest gnupg2 2.1
currently in experimental (GnuPG in master).

P.-P.-S.: Some string are in common with gnupg from STABLE-BRANCH-1-4,
no need to restart from scratch if you’ve already started to update the
previous file (feel free to ask me if you need help with msgmerge,
--compendium an msgattr to take care of the merging).

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