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Re: [DONE] po-debconf://partman-hfs/fr.po


> Bonjour,
>  fini,
> You can follow progress on this Bug here: 1012052:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1012052.

dans la suite, je viens de recevoir un message (les néerlandais et
espagnols aussi) :


The package which you translated here is a special case: it is part of the
debian-installer, and therefore covered by a process, which is sometimes
called the "l10n machinery" in the installer team.
This process merges all the translation material from all installer
packages into one structure:
containing all the po files for all languages, for the whole installer.

And in this debian-installer world, it's enough for translators to
work in this d-i repository; no need to work on the separate packages
 Je suis pas sûr de comprendre (mais je pense que si ...), y'avait pas
besoin de traduire ce fichier ? lui-même faisant partie d'un plus vaste
ensemble d-i ? avec assez de traducteurs pour s'en occuper..
 exact ? erreur de TAF ....

The is some little work to do for French in the installer files:
Maybe you can take some minutes?
 je vais regarder ça,

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