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Next release of manpages-l10n


the manpages-l10n project is now almost ready for a release. The new
version 4.0 is scheduled for march 1, 2020. All commits prior to this
date will be included in the tarball.

This means, you should now complete all the work you are already
started with. In the meantime, we will update the translation
templates and the existing *.po files as usual. Due to some version
changes in our supported packages, such updates can happen more often
than expected. For example, the original »manpages« package has been
recently updated to v5.05. Once the distribution packages have been
arrived, we will do an extra update. Please always work on the latest
*.po files from the Git repository, sorry for the inconvenience.
Because we support lots of distribution packages whose updates we
can't influence, we are unable to declare a »string freeze« in common

In case of the *.po file you are working on is older than the latest
template from the Git repository, you can easily update it as follows
(regardless of it's really older):

Copy your *.po file to the right place in your local copy of the Git
repo. Committing is not needed for the time being.

Run the following script in the po/ directory of your language:

./update-po.sh relative/path/to/your/po/file

For example:

./update-po.sh man1/chroot.1.po

The script merges your *.po file with both the latest template (*.pot
file) and the compendium files (common/*.po). Besides that, it removes
unused gettext messages at the end of the file and deletes old msgid
comments (starting with #|), as long as the appropriate gettext
message is no longer marked as »fuzzy«.

Happy translating!

Best Regards,

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