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Re: Call for translation updates for the debian-edu-doc package

Hi Cédric,

Cédric Boutillier schreef op di 19-02-2019 om 13:38 [+0100]:
> Dear Frans, dear Debian-edu team,
> On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 08:07:23PM +0100, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
> > You are known as the last translator of the debian-edu-doc package.
> > With the upcoming Buster release in mind, the DebianEdu team would
> > like
> > to boost translations. Could you please inform us whether you
> > intend to
> > work on a translation update in the coming weeks?
> > Unless you prefer to continue translating all by yourself, we
> > intend to
> > issue a call for help with the translation of the debian-edu-doc
> > package to the i10n-list for your language, provided that you are
> > in
> > favour of such an idea. Please let us know.
> Thanks for your message. I would be in favor of delegating this
> translation work to the debian-l10n-french team, as I unfortunately
> don't think I will have enough time to dedicate to this task to make
> quality work. It has been fun to help translating this project, and
> hope
> to be able to help again in the future.

Many thanks for your contributions to Debian Edu and your commitment to
I'll prepare a general call for help on the translation of the debian-
edu-doc package, to be sent to several debian-l10n-* lists, including

> With my best wishes,
> Cédric

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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