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Bug#555557: manpages-fr: Obvious typo in socket(7)

Package: manpages-fr
Version: 3.22.1-3
Severity: normal
Tags: patch


patch against trunk attached. Many occurrences of “valide*” in that file
too, but as said on IRC, I've no strong feelings about that.

--- po4a/man7m-z/po/fr.po
+++ po4a/man7m-z/po/fr.po
@@ -17944,7 +17944,7 @@
 msgid "Read/Write:POLLHUP:The other end has shut down one direction.\n"
 msgstr ""
-"Le correspondant à clos un sens de communication.\n"
+"Le correspondant a clos un sens de communication.\n"
 #. type: tbl table

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