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aptitude users manual & manpage


I translate this strings into Russian.

Unfortunately my customer didn't provide me with any instructions and I don't know whether I should translate some strings or not.


MPackageMark Auto                     

mPackageMark Manual                     

FPackageForbid Version                     



Actions Undo Package Search Options Views Help\n+-------------------------+ u: Update g: Download/Install/Remove Pkgs\n|Install/remove packages g|\n|Update package list u|\n|Forget new packages f|\n|Clean package cache |eated Packages\n|Clean obsolete files |\n|Mark Upgradable U|\n|Play Minesweeper |\n|Become root |\n+-------------------------+\n|Quit Q|\n+-------------------------+\nThese packages are currently installed on your computer.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPerform all pending installs and removals

May be you can give me any instructions?

I will appreciate it very much.

Many thanks in advance.


Best regards,

Semen Anisimov

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