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Re: Conseils pour le raport de bogue de shadow

Je dupliquerai le BR:

> Two files are attached :
>  * fr.tar.bz2
>    the new fr directory, with all man pages, the Makefile.{am,in}, and a
>    po4a directory (which is not strictly necessary, but will ease a lot
>    future updates)
>    Please, replace the old man/fr directory by this new one.

Ca, je ferai. Et je fermerai le bogue

>  * shadow.patch_l10n_french
>    a patch for debian/rules and debian/passwd.files that allow inclusion
>    of translated expiry.1, limits.conf.5, dpasswd.8 and shadowconfig.8 man
>    pages.

Ca, je ne ferai pas....et ça ira dans le bogue cloné

Tout cela en espérant que Karl accepte le patch et l'uploade.

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