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Re: [RFR] po-debconf://mdadm/fr.po

Quoting eric (eric-m@wanadoo.fr):
> >>Il faudrait aussi corriger les "Yes|No" dans celui-ci...
> >>   
> >>
> >
> >Grrrr. On a vraiment parfois l'impression de se répéter....:-(
> >
> Etant nouveau sur la liste, pouvez-vous  m'expliquer le problème qui 
> existe avec les "Yes|No"

Hop, mon texte standard:

Debconf templates should avoid using constructions like this because of the
various interfaces used by debconf. Depending for instance on translation,
some of these may present the user with a choice different from a Yes/No
choice....and some may not.

If you want to see this, just try to choose the "gnome" interface for
debconf, then "dpkg-reconfigure <your-package>" under X (you may need
some lib* packages installed for the gnome interface to work).

So the only solution for avoiding "strange templates" is by reformulating,
for instance :

"If you refuse here" instead of "If you say no here".

(or "you should refuse here" instead of "you should answer "no" here)

(or "accept here" instead of "select YES")

Voir aussi http://www.perrier.eu.org/debian/packages/dtsg.txt

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