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Re: The Plan

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 19:49:05 +0100
Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@free.fr> wrote:
> I've asked on -devel-french whether it is possible to have an access
> to a database server and I'm waiting for an answer.

OK, very good.

> It could be possible to do this without SQL, but with db2 or db3 has
> php support these, but it must be quite an among of work to do this
> (from my experience with ddts) and not so easy to use.

Don't know about dbX, never worked with it, but I guess it can be done.
It seems a little odd though that there's no debian server with MySQl on
it ...

> As I'm not very fond of copying lots of files on Debian machines when
> they already are in the list archives, I've replaced the 'file' column
> by a 'url' one (so it can still be use to store file url) and still
> have to work on how to fill it (I must parse the list archives).

This sounds good, but how do you get the URLs to these files? I can't
seem to find a reference to the list archive in the emails. Also there
doesn't seem to be a way to reconstruct the URL from the emails.

grts Tim

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