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Im Teddy from Hawaii,lets date in Shibuya!

Hello! How are you?
Now I can meet you-I just came to Tokyo from Hawaii,Honolulu!
I live in Shibuya and can meet you anytime here!
How about meeting tomorrow or day after tomorrow?
Nihongodemo meiru OK desu!
Watashino shanshin meiru de ima okurimasu
I think I look young for my age!
Watashino toshi totte wakaku mieru kedo
My family has plane,this photo was taken after skydiving,do you know what skydiving is?

Before I saw your post on internet and sent you email,I couldnt send more because I was in Hawaii,Honolulu!
I also posted my ad at other good site too-here:
But couldnt get any reply... :(  !
Now I am trying to email you,maybe I can get reply from you!?

I got your only one email before!
I dont know you well,but want to meet,get to know you!
Itsu Shibuya ni ocha shimasuka?

My name is Teddy
I love Japanese. I have my own house in Hawaii and plan to buy same in Japan I have never been married and I am very family oriented and I would like one of my own someday.
I know Japanese women dont look for marriage because of financial situation!
But I think financial situation is not most important!I also have much money,my family wealty having businesses restaurants and hotel in Hawaii,its more than enough for us!
But money I think is not important!Love is most important I think!
I think I cant enjoy myself staying alone in my apartment.... as you too!I also dont want to spend my life alone!So lets be together!
We can also go live together in Hawaii,would you like that?And we often can come to Japan too to live here few month a year,spring,Christmas is my favourite times!

I looking for serious relationship
I will give you my heart and soul. I love to do my best a million percent. If you do not like to cook that's ok because I will cook for you. I love miso soup. I am serious about a relationship and marriage!
I am also looking for just friends,language exchange!
I am friendly,sweet,true,pure hearted,romantic,interesting,....

I enjoy cooking all different foods. I do not smoke, dont drink(only ocasionally) I like to keep myself healthy.
I do go to the gym and hike in my free time.
I love romance and showing true affection, I come a very large family I would say 150 family members. I am very close to my family.
Your age,look,personality is not important for me,lets just meet and see!
Attemiyo!?Lets meet for nice, enjoyable date,friends 1st!
Asatte matawa shin asatte doo desuka?
Matawa doyobi ka nichiyobi?
Hokano hidemo,raishyu mo ok!!
Itsu Shibuya de ocha,tanoshi deito shimasuka?Hinichi oshiette kudasai!

Ocha,hanashi shimashyo!Ishyo ni keiki tabeyo!
Lets meet, talk about each other,hobbies,...
I can also tell you about Hawaii,Oahu,also you teach me about Asakusa and other...
We can have drink at Starbucks at Q-Front!Its in front of hachiko.
If you can, I also want to go for walk together around Shibuya,Daikayama,Ebisu,Yoyoghi park,Harajuku,Meiji jinghu park
also go for dinner at Kani Doraku near Shibuya station!

Asatte matawa shin asatte doo desuka,hiru ka yugatta?Matawa doyobi ka nichiyobi nanji ni Shibuya eki,hachiko de aemasuka?

Before I tryed to email you here-debian-l10n-finnish@lists.debian.org but my email came back so give me your other email addresses!
Kono mae watashiwa anatani koko debian-l10n-finnish@lists.debian.org meiru shita kedo,watashino meiru kaite kita,dakara anatano hokano meiru aduresu oshiette kudasai!

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