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Re: Please review knot-resolver debconf template

El 29/07/20 a las 13:12, Justin B Rye escribió:
> Santiago Ruano Rincón wrote:
> > I am planning to add the attached template to knot-resolver. Could you
> > please take a look at it?
> Sure!
> Okay, the good news is that I can expect anybody who has installed
> knot-resolver to already know the technical background better than I
> do, so I really do only need to check the English here.

Thank you!

> >  /usr/share/doc/knot-resolver/upgrading.html file (from
> >  knot-resolver-doc). An online version of the latter is available at
> >  https://knot-resolver.readthedocs.io/en/stable/upgrading.html#x-to-5-x
> That URL would be rather annoying to have to note down, but
> fortunately it's the first hit for "knot resolver upgrade" anyway.


> >  .
> >  For convenience, a suggested networking configuration can be found at
> >  the file: /var/lib/knot-resolver/.upgrade-4-to-5/kresd.conf.net
> "At the file" is a bit odd here; I'd expect "in the file" (and then it
> hardly needs a colon).
> (Is that really a dotfile directory?  Presumably it's new in the
> incoming version?)

Yes to both questions.

Thanks again,

 -- Santiago

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