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Please review knot-resolver debconf template


I am planning to add the attached template to knot-resolver. Could you
please take a look at it?


 -- Santiago
Template: knot-resolver/upgrade-buster-to-bullseye
Type: note
_Description: Upgrading from Knot Resolver < 5.x
 Knot Resolver configuration file requires manual upgrade.
 Up to Knot Resolver 4.x, network interface bindings and service
 start were done by default via systemd sockets. These systemd sockets
 are no longer supported, and upgrading from a 3.x version (as in Debian
 Buster) requires manual action to (re)enable the service.
 Please, refer to kresd.systemd(7) and to the
 /usr/share/doc/knot-resolver/upgrading.html file (from
 knot-resolver-doc). An online version of the latter is available at
 For convenience, a suggested networking configuration can be found at
 the file: /var/lib/knot-resolver/.upgrade-4-to-5/kresd.conf.net

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