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Review of texts for miniupnpd


I've added the attached texts to miniupnpd. Please let me know if you
see issues in it and send us the corrections.


Template: minissdpd/why_I_am_here
Type: note
_Description: MiniSSDP daemon configuration
 If you see this message but never manually install MiniSSDP, then most
 probably this package is automatically pulled as a recommendation for
 libminiupnpc, which is the UPnP support library for many applications.
 MiniSSDP is a daemon used by MiniUPnPc to speed up device discoveries. Due to
 a potential security issue, an out-of-box default configuration can not be
 provided anymore, thus a explicit configuration is required.
 You can simply ignore this configuration / remove this package. MiniSSDP
 **won't work** with the old default configuration, but MiniUPnPc (and your
 UPnP applications) will still function properly (despite some performance

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