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Re: fusiondirectory: review of new debian/templates file

Hi Justin,

upstream was not delighted with my rather pessimistic phrasing of FD's upgrade path, so we needed to haggle a little bit.

On  So 26 Aug 2018 00:55:16 CEST, Justin B Rye wrote:

Mike Gabriel wrote:
I am seeking for an Englisch native speaker who can review the newly created
debian/templates file in package fusiondirectory. I paste the file'S content
below and also attach it.


I (think I) worked in all your suggestions but had to remove some bits and rephrase another paragraph. Sorry for the double work I cause you!!!

Here is the next iteration (now with agreement from the upstream side):

Template: fusiondirectory/upgrade-confirm
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Really perform FusionDirectory major version upgrade?
 You are about to upgrade FusionDirectory to a new major version.
 Please consult the UPGRADE documentation first:
 FusionDirectory comes with tools to migrate from one major version to
 another. But as with other LDAP directory setups sometimes those tools
 might not be able to migrate everything due to exceptional circumstances
 or wrong data in the LDAP tree.
 In this case, the directory information tree may even need to be
 manually adapted outside of FusionDirectory with tools such as
 ldapmodify or ldapvi.
 If you do not choose to proceed, the upgrade process for
 FusionDirectory related packages will be canceled.

Template: fusiondirectory/upgrade-canceled
Type: error
_Description: FusionDirectory upgrade canceled
 The upgrade of FusionDirectory has been canceled on user request. The
 installation process will be aborted.

Btw., I liked the suggestions of boiling the templates down to one boolean and one error screen.


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