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fusiondirectory: review of new debian/templates file

Hi all,

I am seeking for an Englisch native speaker who can review the newly created debian/templates file in package fusiondirectory. I paste the file'S content below and also attach it.

Please Cc: me when replying, I am not subscribed to the list.

Thanks for any feedback given,

Template: fusiondirectory/upgrade-warning
Type: note
_Description: FusionDirectory Upgrade Warning
 FusionDirectory is _not_ a generic LDAP web frontend. FusionDirectory
 expects a highly specific LDAP data information tree. Over the past,
 different versions of FusionDirectory have expected slightly different
 LDAP tree structures.
 In fact, some previous version upgrades of FusionDirectory have broken
 FD sites sometimes partially and sometimes even fully. There is no
 all-in-one automatic upgrade tool for your LDAP data. In worst case
 scenarios, adaptations of the LDAP data information tree have to be made
 manually outside of FusionDirectory (e.g. with tools like ldapmodify or
 You are about to uprade FusionDirectory to a new major version. Please
 consult the UPGRADE documentation first:
 In the next screen you will be asked to confirm your intention to upgrade
 FusionDirectory. If you decline, the upgrade process will be cancelled.

Template: fusiondirectory/upgrade-accepted
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Do really want to upgrade FusionDirectory to a new major version?
 If you agree here, all FusionDirectory related packages will be

Template: fusiondirectory/upgrade-declined
Type: error
_Description: Error: FusionDirectory upgrade has been declined!
 The upgrade of FusionDirectory has been cancelled on user request. The
 installation process will be aborted.

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