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[Russian]: Please review and translate blog post (and announcement) about DebConf18 closing

Hello Lev
Thanks for the Russian translation.
I have renamed the file to "dc18-closes-ru.md" to match the English one.
I have included the statistics, and the remaining bits (some titles of
talks, in English, and "over 90" participants in DebCamp).

Do you mind to review and translate these last bits?


El 04/08/18 a las 02:19, Laura Arjona Reina escribió:
> Dear all
> Please review and translate the article about DebConf 18 closing
> available here:
> https://salsa.debian.org/publicity-team/bits/blob/master/content/2018/dc18-closes.md
> (to be published in Sunday Aug 5, around 19:00 UTC).
> You can see how it looks like right now:
> https://bits.debian.org/drafts/debconf18-closes.html
> This content will also be published as an announcement in the Debian
> website, but please commit your changes only in bits repo (not in the
> announcements repo). I'll take care that at the end, everything is in sync.
> Note that for now, the text is *very* similar to the one used for last
> year's announcement/blog post. Review of links and dates, help
> completing the statistics and maybe more/new info about DebConf18 and
> DebConf19 are very welcome.
> Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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